One Love, One Heart

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“Yeah mon! one love, one heart” this is a popular phrase made popular around the world by Jamaican-International Reggae superstar, the Honorable Bob Marley. It is actually the sentiments expressed by the very nature and essence of God. God doesn’t  just have love, He is love, the embodiment of love. The writer of Song of Songs expressed this vividly when he said love is as strong as death” (S.S. 8:7). Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the rivers drown it out, would people despise a man for giving everything he owns for love?”Love that God has for humanity. A love so great that it costs God the ultimate treasure of his heart, his only begotten son, Jesus Christ to die for sins, for one purpose: that he may have intimate relationship with his creation. Isn’t it time we have one love? seeing that we all bleed red blood. We all have to learn to die to the flesh or self (surrender our will ) to enter the kingdom of God, to receive and accept the love of the Father.

This was Jesus’ intercessory prayer to His Father: “that they all may be one in us”(John 17:20-23) it takes a supernatural transformation of the mind, heart, soul and spirit for anyone to understand or even show or display “one love”How glorious is it to even contemplate that we have been given open access into the perfect love and unity that is established between the God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son?

There is something so unique and sacred about having one love and one heart which is the core of the love of God. You cannot give what you do not have. Some people may find it hard to give love because they have not learned to receive love from God first. The vertical pole or bar of the cross represents, the love of God coming down to the believer, the horizontal bar of the cross, the love between you and others, this the shape of the cross. In Romans 5:5, …”God has poured out his love into  our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us”. God didn’t wait for us to do right things or do good deeds before he shows us his love, like the world supposes.  The scripture says in verse 6: “You see at just the right time, when we were still “powerless”, (another translation says still sinners),  Christ died for the ungodly”. The Apostle Paul further expresses that God “demonstrates his love”. Love is an action word, which requires a consistent demonstration in order for it to flow untapped and flow into our hearts filled with darkness, wounds, bitterness, unforgiveness and hatred. This liquid love poured out from the Abba Father God demonstrated through Jesus’ blood, poured out on the cross. This love overrides and heals pain, heartache, wounds etc.This love overcomes the world, it is received by grace through faith and cannot be earned or bought with any other price but the blood of Jesus. This means the price is already paid in full, redemptive love: becoming one in love and one in  heart. It is a process for the human heart to go through. It takes practice from a purged and purified heart.

The love that Jesus suffered and sacrificed for us to have freely,  to give mankind access to the love of God. Freely we have received, freely we should give.

Yeah mon! it’s a real love revolution taking place inside of my heart and I believe it is taking place in the heart of the persons reading this blog right now!!


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